Geopolitics and International Security

One of key factors allowing for improving international order is undoubtedly the issue of widely-understood security. Improvements and recessions of economies of some countries that have been observed for the last two decades have become a global challenge – especially with regard to the necessity of adjusting to newly identified threats. The current geopolitical rivalry of economies of the United States and China, as well as mutually imposing economic sanctions on each other are the causes of constantly increasing uncertainty. Furthermore, the non-unanimous migration policies of the European Union Member States, combined with the risk of United Kingdom leaving the EU completely result in new pessimistic scenarios presented by economists to the general public. A difficult economic situation of both African and Arab countries, as well as radical religious teachings lead to terrorism. Together with the process of globalization gaining momentum, governments of almost all countries of the world have to develop security measures to adress cyber security, energetics, and ecology. Increasing military investments of some countries and the constant threat related to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction should mobilize as many countries as possible to work together to ensure the maintenance of international order.